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amount what it can buy ...........
$10.00 Feeds 1 cat for month or a complete series of kitten vaccinations
$15.00 Rabies vaccination for a dog or cat or testing for feline FIV/FeLv
$25.00 Neuter and vaccinate a feral cat or deflea, deworm and complete series of kitten vaccinations
$50.00 The cost of food for a 2-week period for cats staying in the PetSmart Adoption Center or a Rabies Vaccine and Heartworm/Lyme Disease test for dogs 
$100.00 5 neuter/spays for feral cats or 7 tests for FIV/FeLv 
$200.00 Bottle feeding 2 kittens from birth to weaning or the treatment of mange for 2 dogs and Heartworm/Lyme testing for 3 dogs
$500.00 Treatment for 2 dogs for the treatment of heartworm or the sterilization of 25 feral cats
$1000.00 Covers the cost of intensive care for 1 cat/dog or feeds 10 large dogs and 50 cats for a year
$2500.00 The sterilization of 125 feral cats or rabies vaccine for 180 cats or dogs